Microbiology and Bacteriology

30% of deaths within the world are still because of infectious diseases and bacterium type a major a part of the microorganisms liable for these fatal diseases. The threat of microorganism infections is all the additional worrying as we tend to are faced with a dramatic increase within the range of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Additionally, the previous few years have witnessed renewed interest in bacteria following the invention of the key role bacterial microbiota play within the health of the hosts they colonize. Finally, the utilization of latest technologies has discovered the extraordinary diversity and ubiquity of the bacterial world and of microorganism’s happiness to a different equally fascinating domain of life, archaea.

 Microbiology, we have a tendency to study bacterium, archaea and their viruses. These organisms are studied to grasp however they contribute to the event of infectious diseases however conjointly, as models to explore the foremost fundamental aspects of cells at the molecular level, following the instance of our illustrious predecessors at the Institute Pasteur, Jacob, Jacques Monod and André Lwoff .

Antibiotic resistance, vaccines and also the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic tools to treat microorganism infections. Research on the virulence factors and mechanisms of pathogenic bacteria, their interaction with the hosts they infect, and also the immune response and methods employed by bacterium to flee this response.

  • Infectious diseases
  • Bacterium
  • Antibiotic resistance

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