Global Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are simply unfold between countries and continents, and infections like haemorrhagic fever, MERS and Zika show that police work and management of epidemics is of international importance. The summer course in Clinical international Infectious Diseases can provide associate degree introduction to major infectious diseases like protozoa infection, TB, HIV, infection et al. with stress on geographical distribution, distinction in morbidity and mortality between completely different elements of the planet, clinical signs and symptoms, diagnosis, bar and management.

 Advice to travellers is mentioned and applicable investigations in immigrants will be reviewed. Stress is on the distinction in incidence, prevalence, morbidity and mortality between countries and continents. Applicable management programmes are mentioned, each at national and international level. The main target are clinical presentation and management paired with a worldwide scope on the worldwide sickness burden.

  • TB
  • HIV
  • Infection

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